Thursday, 20 November 2008

An "Update"?

Since the ever increasing usage of Facebook by youth or should I say the community over the past year has caused a blog hiatus for me. You know what I mean...!!!

Honestly, I do not really have a reason of why I have stopped blogging for seven months. I still remember the days where I used to take pictures of anything and everything just so that I can come home and start writing about anything and everything and posting it up here. Gone were the days...?? Yet to know......

As some of you would know, the beginning of this year has been one of the toughest time I had in my life. Those were the days where I blog, and I loved it. After a certain incident, everything that I used to love and enjoyed doing has somehow became emotionally affected and turned to dislikes, or should I say hatred.

After a long deliberation, I have decided to keep this blog of mine. Who knows it might come in handy one day for a certain project that I am attempting to pursue.

Things has changed over the past year. As for the plans which I initially had, they are all either different or canceled now. The trip to New York is now canceled because of the deterioration of the economy, instead of possessing a Sony PSP initially, I am now a proud owner of a red and black Nintendo DS and instead of wanting a macbook air, I now trying not to convert myself to a MAC user. LOL. Gone were the days...

Though these are just the most insignificant changes that a person could ever have, I really like to think that even little changes like this do shape a person differently. I believe preferences do make a person behave and react differently to things. :)

Thursday, 24 April 2008

"Slacker" is my middle name

I promise I am so gonna update soon. Please bear with me for a while more. Don't kill me please my dear blog. I still love you.

Friday, 21 March 2008

When The Stars Goes Blue

Interesting really. I did many things which are out of the ordinary this week. For me it is. Usually my life consist of just being totally stranded at home and stoning my head out when I have no plans at all.

Guess what, I went to a Jewish museum with my best friend at 10 am in the morning. Can you believe that? 10 am in the morning! Whatever, it's totally out of the blue. It's really informative I tell ya. In just 2 hours, I managed to absorb at least 5% of the Jewish history, rituals and beliefs. Ha! Not bad eh?? For a person who does not have any idea at all about Jews. We wanted to stay for the synagogue, but time was an issue for us.

It's Easter weekend, means I have a full on 5 days holiday. We'll see what else will turn up out of the blue k.....

Guess what is exhibiting in NGV.

Black in Fashion

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Me Desk, Me Mess, Me Business!

Don't wonder, just read.

I am still living of my luggage! I am such an idiot! Why? There isn't enough space left in my wardrobe to put in all my clothes that I bought back from Malaysia =.=. *slaps forehead*
The worst thing is, my wardrobe ain't small you know.

My mum has been nagging to me about the amount of junk I have in my room! She tells me that I have a retail problem and if I am not careful, my kids would landed up not being able to study overseas =.=. *slaps forehead once again, but so true*

How now? Donate all the unwanted stuffs to Salvos and sell the ones that are still in perfect condition on ebay? *lazy lar*

Thursday, 13 March 2008


Today was the most typical of uni days where I go to uni... come home... on my comp... check my bank balance... log into my rmit e-mail... log into my hotmail... chat... complain to someone that I'm bored... stone... procrastinate... debate whether I should go rent some dvds or not... landed up being lazy... read magazines... eat... and then zzzzzzzzzzz... till 8-9 pm.... wake up... stone again... and then sleep.... AHHH!!!!!

As you can see... none of the above shows any sign of being a typical student... did you see read the lecture notes...?? NO. Did you see starting on the assignment...?? NO. I'm sorry I have to swear.... SHIT...!! What happen to you Sue....??!!

Ok, enough of that! Post some pictures from Seven k... I'm sure you all rather see this than to read my boring post right... right... right....??

Back to School...

Have a nice day people...!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Pretty amazing experience. Arts Centre was fantastic! Lights a little dim, kinda makes you wanna snooze though. Never thought that life, waking up every morning and travelling down St. Kilda Rd on the trams to uni was actually a bliss until now. Listening to my favourite songs on my iPod and watching the world pass on by is actually quite comforting. This WAS my life more than a year ago before everything started. Seriously, now come to think of it, it ain't that bad!

I am looking forward to that long awaited excitement!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

You've Gotta Love Moomba!

Corn dogs, Cotton Candy, Bob the Builder, Stuffed toys, Ferris Wheel, Fireworks, Familiar faces and PEOPLE...

Hey, it's for charity!!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Malaysia's Election went down in history?

It's weird today. I've been seeing lots of blinking orange at my taskbar today. And I wonder why? Hahahaha.

Sorry lar guys, I know you guys don't dare go out. But then, bored at home only message me lar! =.=

Anyhows, Malaysian politics are never to be shared in public. Since this is a public blog, then I should know what to do. Whatever it is, shocking results though.

For those who are staying at home, indulge yourself into something you can do at home, like watching DVD at home for a change? Look at the bright side, you can save MONEY!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

How do I describe?

If some things were never meant to be.....

It means it was never meant to be....

My life for the past 3 months has been a total disaster I would say, and sometimes I think maybe I have brought myself upon it. It's the past though, and anything said now is no longer important or relevant anymore. We have separated our paths and decided to go different ways on our own. Some with the company of a special someone, some with the company of social groups.

I have moved on I would say, with the help of the quote "everyone wants to know the truth... until they find it...." and I did. Saying that I am not sour about it is a total lie, but I guess as a regular human being, you just have to accept it and be happy for what it has become.

Now, I am perfectly happy with how things are. Putting everything behind us and move on with life. I rest my case and most importantly I have let everything go to rest.