Thursday, 23 July 2009

Au Revoir

Will be off to London and Paris for 2 weeks. I will keep my blog updated when I have the chance since I'm gonna bring my laptop.

Bonne nuit...!!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

...1 week later

If I was Einstein, my first creation will definitely be a time machine. 13th of July marks the official date of the end of my uni life. I would give up anything to be a student once again =(. I'm serious! My results were pretty amazing this semester. I had 1 HD and 4 D! This is by far the best results I have ever gotten in all my semesters. I was pretty amazed on how well I did. I suppose if I were to end it, might as well do it with flying colours. =)

This week has been pretty much therapeutic with lots of shopping and relaxing times with friends. Went to Pavilion today with the Melb gang. Yum cha with the Melb gang yesterday too. Met up with Charmaine a couple of times and had a barbeque at Adrian's house on Friday. We have finally put the gruelling quest for our most beloved Taboo in good use. LOL.

Currently, my family and I are planning a trip to Londres et Paris. Je suis très excités! Je ne peux pas attendre!

I've been wanting to say this my whole life. "Paris, here I come!" I can finally put my French in good use, though I'm not that good at it. LOL.

Here are some pictures taken during the week.

Nagomi at Menara Hap Seng for lunch with my Dad. They have awesome Shabu-shabu. Dad over ordered as you can see. LOL.

I love things that comes in a black boxes, just like my Marc Jacobs watch and my Chanel earrings. I managed to purchase the Prada key holder that I wanted this week. Now my collection is complete. =)

"Le dark brown paper bag" I call it. It never fails to make my day.

C'est tout, Au revoir!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Eventful Much?

On Sunday, Adrian, Andrew, Weng Foo and I went for a little adventure on our own. More of a Taboo hunting adventure.

It started off with me wanting to go to KLCC to get some really overpriced magazines(ViVi) from Kinokuniya. I really do think that PJ should have an outlet.*leers*

As usual, my unruly character will naturally embroil myself into a situation where there is no turning back. I fell in love with something in PRADA. *God help me please*

Afterthat, off we went on the quest for Taboo. We started at Kinokuniya itself, then on to toys 'r' us, and then Parkson. No luck!

Weng Foo suggested that we try out MPH at 1 Utama. So there we go again, all the way from KLCC to 1 Utama. Still no luck.

Lastly, we endured our hunger and proceeded to our very last hope. Tropicana City Mall's toys 'r' us. No luck either! In order to please our efforts, we asked the sales person there and guess what he told us. There are 6 left in the whole of Malaysia. All at Alamanda, AT PUTRAJAYA!!! Can you believe it! LOL.

That's pretty much the end of it actually. The after story is yet to be told. All for the love of TABOO!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Baby Steps

The previous post was just a dummy run. I have not been blogging for a very long time now and I thought I just take it slow with baby steps.

There will be visualisations the next time. You have my word. :)

I met up with Yin Yen yesterday night for the first time after her 2 months relishing trip around Europe. We went from one mamak to another. We were joined by Drew, Faiz, Eugene, Adam, Arif, Kenzie and Chris. From Devi's in Hartamas to Murni in ss2. It has been donkey's years since I've done that and it felt like I have relived my unforgettable high school days. :D

I'm still currently waiting for my MBP. It has been ages ago since I paid for it. :(

Friday, 3 July 2009

I would give anything to have good skin

In recent years, I have developed a skin problem. I have ginormous amount of inflaming acne and unsightly scars which was the cause of decrement in my self-esteem. In an attempt to meliorate my displeasing to the senses image, I have converted from one product to the next but nothing seem to solve my problematic skin.

Can anyone tell me what to do?