Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Once in a while...

I have those emotional feeling about my family. Those who knows me really well will sorta know what i'm talking about.

Whenever I see siblings hanging out together, having a great time, telling stories about their lives, pursuading the parents to get them something, shopping and eating together, I tend to feel really really sad because I know I will never be able to do that. Never had and never will, as in literally.

The worst thing is, I do have siblings. None of which I can communicate properly with. It is not because we have a terrible relationship or anything that comes under that category, but it is more of an act of God that created the obstacle.

A few years back, things got worst. Worst than ever. I guess those were the days where I feel even more insecure about my family but it never occured to me to give up hope.

I never complained about what I have now, I feel lucky in a way to be just ordinary and normal. Parents that never give up hope on them. I believe God takes something from you and gives something back in return. Depending on how you want to see it. I know for sure that this may not make sense for most people. Yes, sometimes you will feel that he never takes anything from anyone but instead he gives them more. I do feel that way too...

Trust me, you never know what lies beneath.

Have a pleasant day!

If I ever be a qualified Accountant...

do not look for me to do your tax.

Reason 1: I do not know it from the back of my hands. I'll probably make you pay more tax instead.

Reason 2: I'll probably add an extra 0 at the back of your tax liability because I can be really careless.


Tomorrow is Taxation Law! But I guess with the help of notes and tutorial questions, it will make my 3 hour 15 mins torture easier. That is the only thing I like about Law subjects. Flip those pages baby!

Ohhh btw, I have just fell in love with the new MAC for McQueen collection. I guess he managed to rob me again this time. Arggghhh...!!! Tax you then only you know!! I can be a little weird at this time of the day, somemore with the Tax stuff kicking in.

But, I never fail to wish you readers out there a pleasant day! For those who are sitting exams as well, Good Luck ya'll!

p/s: Sorry no links this time!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

I know I know...

I should be studying instead of blogging right now. Its already Tuesday and I still have not finish at least half of the subject. I can't help but keep flipping through the new ViVi magazine that I just bought this afternoon. It's addictive I tell you! Japanese Magazine rocks! They have mostly pictures with all the lovely clothes and models and no words! Mostly because I can't read Japanese but erm... that's the whole point anyway...TO LOOK AT PICS!

Seriously, if you do have access to these lovely lovely so-called bible. JUST GET IT! Don't care about the price. It's worth it I tell ya. Besides, how costly can a magazine be anyway?

For further information click on:Well, just to give you an insight. If you can read Japanese then GREAT!

Another one of my favourite would be CanCam.

Tell me what you think when you manage to grab hold of these!

Wish me luck for my last paper!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Ok, I really do not know what that website is but I do know I seem to be saying that line really really regularly for the past few weeks. I wonder if I will get sue for breaching the copyright legislation? "Funny".

Seriously, I really want all this to end. I just had my first paper today and what can I say, it did not start out well. It is in fact way below my expectation. I don't care if others said the same thing, but it's me, me who is the one sitting My paper. My pen. My brain. My luck. What I am trying to say is, I really did put tremendous effort into this paper, but yet no luck.

Sometimes I wonder, have I deteriorated that much in intelligence or things just seem to get way tougher beyond your reach. Anyone like to answer my question?

So, next will be the battle with Auditing people, brace yourself for the next big quetch!

A little something for amusement.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Post a Secret

Do you have a really weird and dirty secret that you are dying to tell?

I came across this article in Cosmo and I thought it was quite intereting. This was what I read:

"I truly believe all my problems would be solved, If only I were not fat!"

"I like looking at high resolution celebrity photos."

"I passed her at the store the other day... I wonder if she knows... I almost had his child. I wanted to tell her."

Visit "Post Secret". You will want to read on.

Have a nice day everyone!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

At times like this

...... you tend to turn to the person you trust most for comfort. As for me, I trust him with my life, and I'm serious.

There is always a time where you wake up one morning from a bad dream and the dream somehow "eerily" relates to real life. Oh man, I must be a very stressed woman at the mo to have this type of dream.

There is nothing better than waking up from a bad dream being able to turn to someone that you know cares for you more than anything else in the world. Fortunately, I have the privilege. I am a very happy person once again.

Introducing the Man. This shall be the first time that I actually put up some private pictures in my blog. There will be many more to come I suppose. Hehe.

Friday, 12 October 2007

When oh when?

I finally know how it feels like standing in front of Tyra Banks waiting and hoping for the moment when your name gets called to let you know that you have not been eliminated.

Well, my experience is somewhat a little different from above in a sense that I have not been called nor been eliminated!

For those who didn't know, this semester for me is torture because I have to concentrate not only on my studies but also job hunting. I need to find a job for next year to complement my degree in Accountancy. Damn stress lor!

One by one, I watch my friends and course mates get call backs and interviews and even appraisals before they even started working! Do you know how it feels? Do you know how demoralize I am right now? This is so not fair!

When will it finally be my turn to pick up that call? To jump for joy? To be able to comfort the parents that their daughter has the ability to find work? Hey! it can be stressful knowing that your kids can't find a job you know!!!

When oh when?

When oh when will it be my turn????

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Eyes, Lies and Illusion

Ignore the previous posts. Those are put up for my amusement.

Everything you are about to see here may or may not reflect what my life is or what I am really made of.

I have decided to start blogging here after creating it quite some time ago. Trying to find the perfect time to reconstruct it. And here it is, it's created!

Welcome to Eyes, Lies and Illusions! Hope you enjoy it!

This is no picture that i have taken from the internet nor did I really take it from the top. Its a real tangible picture that I have taken using my camera in an exhibition in Sydney "The World from Above". So you see, don't be deceived!