Monday, 4 January 2010

The Launch of Robe du Jour

Been working on this site for quite sometime now, and it's finally ready to launch! Yay! I have always wanted to do something with my passion for the fashion industry, and now I have. :)

I have always wanted to share what I have always liked with people who has the same interest as me. The Fashion Junkies event which I organised not long ago have inspired me. The launch of Robe du Jour marks my initial step into the fashion world.

Most people will wonder, what does Robe du Jour really means? It literally means "dress of the day" in French. What I want to create is statement outfits and featured trendy pieces that are versatile which can be worn with anything. Dress it up or dress it down and you'll be ready to rock!

Robe du Jour's debut collection is called 'Metal, Stones and Gretel'. All you ladies thinks that studs should be a statement rather than a trend, has a fetish for fierce leather skirts and insanely high chunky black hooker heels, this collection has pieces that will suit all your everyday pieces. This is the time to bring out your inner phoenix! Enjoy and indulge!
Metal, Stones and Gretel Collection (Debut Collection)