Sunday, 8 November 2009

Je m'excuse de mon absent

Well well... let's see... what have I been doing for the past 1 month?

I don't even know it myself! Oh wait, quite a fair bit of activities but none of them seems to be related to productivity. *sighs*

However, I managed to score myself a part-time job at NOVO during Christmas. Better than nothing I suppose. At least I'm contributing to my very minimal cash flow from my (already very patient) parents. :S

So... back to why I'm really here. As some of you might have heard about Fashion Junkies, it was actually organised by me and my friend, Jun. Yes, we were the mastermind behind all this chaos. It was supposed to be a friendly event, but in the end we made people spend more money :P.

Here are some of the photos from the first event. We did a second one but unfortunately we did not take any pictures because we already have our hands full.