Saturday, 16 October 2010

A Happy Place

Almost a month ago, I attended a wedding. It was held at a quaint function room up at peaceful Mt. Dandenong. I'm so sorry I couldn't remember the name of the place. :(

This is the first time I've ever attended a wedding after living almost a good 8 years in Melbourne. Time just passes by huh? Just like how Shen Ling is already married. 8 years ago she was probably still at the beginning of her degree in medicine. Now, she has become a fully specialised doctor.

If I ever were to have a wedding, I would definitely do it like hers. It reminds me of Europe, artistic and scenic. And you know how much I love getaways, and this does feels like a getaway. It's like as if I have steped into a different world altogether. Boring city wedding is overrated. :P

Without further ado...

This macaroon signifies the first gift that the groom ever gave to the bride. Everybody has one. :)

The bride's mum, Aunty Janice. She's also my mum's best friend.

Ken. My high school friend in Melbourne. Also brother to the bride.

I love the colour of the deco. Ruby Red.

It matches the bride's dress.

The desserts are to die for. Sticky date pudding, passion fruit cheese cake, brownie, you name it they've got it.

How would you like your wedding to be? I already have a piece of it in mind :P

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Lady Gaga and the Girls

The truth is I don’t usually splurge on cosmetics, especially lipsticks. I never really thought they compliment me because as you can see my features ain’t no make-up model. So I usually go for basics and affordability.

I was taking a stroll in David Jones after work on a Friday evening and couldn’t help but noticed the make-up artists at MAC, so impeccably dolled up and groomed. I on the other hand, just sneak quietly to one corner (in my tired and oily skin) of the beauty counter and pretended to be interested in their products where I stumbled across these two tubes. One wrote Lady Gaga and the other Cindy Lauper. I remembered seeing it somewhere before, probably in one of those magazines that I usually read. And then I thought to myself “ah, that’s right, these are the charity lipsticks that I was reading about”. They looked like ordinary lipsticks to me at first, but after I tested out the Lady Gaga version, I instantly fell in love with the colour and the next thing I know, I made my purchase. :P

Love it or hate it girls.

MAC Viva GLam Lady Gaga :)

Sarah, my pole partner in crime

Li Ann, the guy magnet

Jun, the girl gamer

Girls Night Out

Courtney, the close friend

Kimmy, my giggly partner

Sera, Zhi Min, Courtney, Kim, Moi, Janice and Corey

Girls weekend was fun. When was the last time you had one?

-Ms. Noir-