Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Birthdays and Love Notes

I never ask alot on my birthdays. I do not appreciate big celebrations merely because I never had one or should I say never had the CHANCE to have one. I usually settle with a holiday/outing with my parents. I even celebrated my millenium birthday in a small town out of San Francisco call Eureka, not far from Lake Taho.

My recent years:

My first birthday present from Yoon Sing was a Tiffany Notes necklace. My second birthday present from him was a Tiffany Notes ring. He usually gets me something meaningful on my birthdays rather than something expensive. He saves the big splurges for other occasions, usually at times where I want something really really bad :P.

From then, I have fell in love with Tiffany Notes simply because it has a plain and simple message on it which every soul in the world are familiar with but yet fail to embrace the saying, 'I Love You'.

I went to Chaddy with my Mum and she decided to contribute to my collection of Tiffany Notes, a bracelet this time. Teehee.

I know its plain and simple but to me it's something meaningful. And it's a little thing called 'Love'.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Definition: Vulgar or irreverent speech or action.

I have been abusing it a lot these days. Or should I say accentuating on it a lot these days.
It came to a point where it is my only mean of expressing my agitated and frantic attitude which I have been developing lately. Up until now, I do not know what erupts the anger inside of me. I am yet to find out, trust me.
One word: Ruthless

I have to put a stop to it before I realise I can never go back. A dignified young lady should never be caught using profanity which I intend to work on being. So that means I need to commit myself into monitoring my language all the time FROM NOW ON!

Till then.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spring as I see it

Spring oh Spring
What does it bring
Lovely weather & friendly laughter
Till the season after

Spring oh Spring
In my dream
It's an early summer
For I've been looking for that joyful demeanour

-Dreams can change-